The Karyer EB series evaporators are specially designed for a wide variety of commercial refrigeration applications such as coolrooms, freezer rooms, walk-in medium temperature rooms and low temperature display freezers etc.

• Premium “EVD” models factory fitted EVD-ice Z valves including Ultra Cap
• Standard models - without valve fitted (EVD-ice or TX valve)
• Evaporator case panels - powder coated white aluminium
• Stainless Steel fittings (screws, nuts & bolts etc)
• Feet flush mounting with minor level adjustment - powder coated white
• Standard coils are designed for multiple refrigerants
• High performance circuitry with Venturi-type distributor technology
• Aluminium fins and high-performance copper tube for excellent heat transfer
• Fin spacings for specific applications (Medium temp: 4.2mm / Low temp: 7.0mm)
• Access doors aluminium powder coated on both ends - hinged and removable
• Reversible drip tray aluminium powder coated - all models
• Quality defrost heaters to ensure efficient defrost - low temp models only
• Two wire defrost termination thermostats (5.0amp) - low temp models only
• High quality single phase 300mm & 350mm ebm AC fan motor assemblies
• Fan motors and defrost heaters pre-wired back to electrical connection box(s)


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